Strange Culprits Media Kit



Tracks from the self-titled debut album -



When You're Away



"Phenomenal self-titled debut album"


"a beautifully soulful, slow-and-steady rock sound that will really make your day, even in its more sorrowful moments"

-Substream Magazine


"an absolute must listen for anyone hungry for some great, no fluff rock music"

"Strange Culprits appear worthy successors to the straight up rock of Kings of Leon and Alabama Shakes before them"

-Alternative Nation


"American rock that teems with aspiration, longing, and soul"

"a standout version of road-ready, storytelling blues"

-Music News


"A great debut by a trio that does simple things the way they should be done"

"an excellent debut album"

-Sputnik Music

"a sonic tension that’s tantalizing, almost hypnotic"

"Strange Culprits is definitely worth checking out when it drops"


"a new take on the ever-expanding Americana genre" 

"draws from a Cohen-esque mindset"

"shares more lyrically with the sort of dark-toned neofolk we’ve come to know and love from the likes of Gill Landry and Lou Reed"

For Folk's Sake

"comfortable with combining elements of soul, blues, country, and whatever else feels right"

"plenty of glimpses of a strong, captivating identity to warrant numerous listens"

-The Big Takeover




About the Band

Bay Area trio Strange Culprits makes music that is mostly American rock music of some variety, and borrows from classic soul, honky tonk, pop, and folk. The band's 2018 self-titled debut album has received glowing reviews from respected music news outlets as diverse as For Folk's Sake, Alternative Nation, and It's Psychedelic Baby Magazine. The band features husband and wife duo Jason Buckingham (vocals, guitar) and Samantha Buckingham (bass), with Tony Loftin on drums.



Wilco; Alabama Shakes; Kings of Leon; Nick Cave; Lou Reed



The band is very interested in discussing West Coast live show opportunities for the second half of 2018 and beyond.

Booking: booking [at] strangeculprits [dot] com

Press inquiries: James Moore, Independent Music Promotions - james [at] independentmusicpromotions [dot] com